04 April, 2005

Australian Visa … and handing in my resignation letter

Monday 04th April and today was the day I had to inform my bosses at work that I was leaving. As usual I showed up at my normal time, 9:30 (Its not possible to come in any later!) and I thought  better tell Tin that I was going before I had to go speak to the Manager..

It all went fine in the end.. I prepared a resignation letter by looking at the site I-resign.com (some really funny letters on there) and I must admit I did suck up to them a bit, because I need to leave on the 20th May ...  a whole five days off my eight week notice period ...

Here are the best quotes from my letter:

Please be assured I will do all I can do to assist in the smooth handover of my responsibilities before I depart.

and also:

I am very sorry to leave you as an important project comes to its conclusion, however I couldn’t leave until XXXX had at least gone live. For this I am very sorry.

eh?? what does that mean?? me assisting others?? Jez is Sorry? of course, its all true !

Well thats all sorted then... only 23 days left at work, what with Bank Holidays and a little bit of Holiday when Zee takes me to Barcelona for a birthday treat..

Some more great news today .. The Australian Immigration Dept  have decided in there wisdom that I am not a threat to there National Security and that my 3 points I had for speeding six years ago doesnt make me a criminal on the run from the law, and have allowed me my Working Holiday Visa !! This is great news.. means when me and Zee are lying on the beach in Oz , I could if I wanted get off my lazy ass and get a job!


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