23 April, 2005

Canon Ixus 40

On my way to New Zealand I have a three hour stopover in Singapore.. and while I am there I am going to get myself a digital camera for when I am away travelling NZ, Oz, Fiji and USA... I have done a little research and the best shop in Singapore seems to be this one..

:::www.bargaincity.co.sg:::   They have got the Canon Ixus 40 for SG$ 659 (about £200) - They also include as part of the deal a 256 Mb Memeory card, a card reader, a spare battery and a Canon leather case.. This aint bad! However amazon.co.uk has one for sale at £199 (obviously without all the extras)

I dont know what to do..

I have heard that Changi Airport in Singapore has great sales in its Duty Free shopping areas in the months of May and June.. so I might just go through there instead.. does anyone have any suggestions??


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