05 April, 2005

My new Snowboard..

When I first got into snowboarding about 6 1/2 years ago, I was serving in the Army and had quite a lot of disposable income (oh the days ... ) and I got my first snowboard a Burton Balance 160.5, that Terje Haakonson used to use... I was so happy with it.. it was exactly what  wanted in a board.

I have used this board on every snowboard trip I have been on, lovingly waxing and preparing it myself over the years, and the only trouble I ever had was that the edges were a bit blunt...

Except one day I decided, in my wisdom, that it would look great mounted on my wall in my room... so I simply nailed it up.

I didnt realise for 6 weeks that I had actually nailed some 6" steel nails straight through the base. I found it hilarious at my own dumb ass stupidity at the time, and today it still brings a smile to my face. However this board still found its uses for the last trip I went on to Pas de la Casa in Andorra in January 2005, all I did was get a sander and rub it down till it was semi smooth.

I rapidly came to the conclusion that I would need a new board for an entire season down in Queenstown, New Zealand.

One of my bestest buddies has just finished her season in Telluride, Colorado and I am meeting  Kate, Mike and Roxy out in NZ in a few weeks, but before she left she managed to get me discount on a new board. she asked what would I like and gave me a few ideas such as Burton, Libtech, Ride and Rome.

Rome_anthem_specAfter having a look at review sites over the net (like here) and speaking to those who know a little bit more than I do, I have come to the conclusion that I want one of these...

Rome Anthem 161

So i phoned Kate up and let her know and now I do... whoooopeee!!

Just got to put the money in Kates account now! dont worry .. it will be there soon ... :-)


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