14 April, 2005

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa..

Last Friday saw me at 80 Hayswater, London... or more precisely New Zealand House. Unlike the Australian Working Holiday visa which you can do online, to apply for your NZ WHV you have to send them a form, which can take up to 6 weeks or apply in person.. I chose the latter.

New Zealand House is a HUGE embassy, (i guess its because of the amount of Brits who want to emigrate there) and on arrival I was escorted upstairs to the Visa Section.. At this point I was expecting a huge queue, but there was only 1 couple in front of me waiting for a temporary visa..

Eventually got to see the lovely lady there and she told me that it looks like you will be able to get it today!! Whooopee!! Great news.. just pay £50 and sign here...

So thats it all sorted.. tickets from STA Travel .. working holiday visa for Australia.. working holiday visa for New Zealand... season pass.. snowboard.. insurance ... oh shit i havent done my Insurance!! Does anyone know a really good insurance deal ?? everyting seems to expensive!!


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