04 April, 2005

Observer Magazine .. 03 April 2005

Obviously all my family and most of my mates know what my little brother does for a living ... but to those of you who dont, hes only one of the youngest (if not the youngest) Fashion Editors in the UK...

... and yesterday he found journalistic fame with an article about him and the Fashion Editors from GQ, Arena Homme Plus, 10 and Pop in the Observer Magazine. Heres the link to the Online piece and I will post a photo of him from the magazine once mom and dad have stopped showing half of Worcester!!
Olie_obsever_april_2005Mister Buy Rights

They tell us to wear bespoke suits, vintage T-shirts and to experiment with kaftans. But what do they wear? Here, the five most influential male fashion editors in Britain reveal their style secrets and select their favourite looks for this summer

Gaelle Paul
Sunday    April     3, 2005
The Observer

Olie Arnold
Fashion editor, 26, FHM, FHM collections

Arnold's take on men's fashion is influenced by his experience working in various shops and boutiques before studying at the London College of Fashion. 'What I do is more natural, more like how guys dress, rather than wacky concepts,' says the Worcester-born fashion supremo of the UK's biggest-selling men's magazine.

My two favourite items are a pair of Alexander McQueen jeans - after a life-long search, they're the only jeans that actually keep their shape - and an old Levi's sweatshirt my dad gave me. It has paint splatters from his DIY - he had it when he was about my age. It's getting a bit small.

I have an embarrassing number of trainers, mostly boxed, brand new, which I don't wear. That's probably my biggest indulgence.

My style has pretty much always revolved around the skate scene, scruffy casual, but I am trying to get some smarter 'career' things.

The biggest mistake men make is buying something because it is a label and has a logo plastered across it. Not looking natural is another common mistake.

Top tip: hardly ever wash your jeans. This retains shape. The best way to wash them is on you, in a shower, and drip dry.

My must-buy for this season is a varsity college jacket.

When I was a teenager I got copies of Vogue from my mum's hairdresser. I'd hide them under skateboard mags in case my mates saw them. If they did, I claimed it was for the pictures of girls.

Sometimes I've gone too far for fashion. I once had my hair dyed green and cut for a Vidal Sassoon Japanese conference in front of 200 trainee hairdressers while wearing a Yohji kimono. Only got £75.

Put a time limit on how long you are going to get ready for something, and stick to it. If in doubt, wear jeans.

Thanks to the Observer ...

Also when I find one I will scan a picture of what he looked like when he was younger... that should bring him down a peg or two .. ;-)


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