14 April, 2005


Last night i had this great idea.. I decided i was going to photograph every single one of my photos onto a digital camera so that I had a record on my computer.. and i could edit them into fancy pics so people could see them..

It seemed such a great idea.. 500 digi shots later and a trip to tescos to get new AA batteries.. i was absolutley shattered!! Does anybody know that to hold your hand steady for so long is a nightmare?  or when you have done them all you see a shadow in the photo of your camera taking the photo? or how tired my eyes were today? or how short a time 4 AA batteries last in an Olympus Digital Camera?

Well i do..

anyway I have started putting my photos online.. not all of them of course, but some. Check out my Online Photo album at Flickr.com

have a browse of me and friends and family.. while you are there set an account up for yourself and post your pictures up as well!!!


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