05 April, 2005

Snowboard Club UK

SmalllogoSnowboard Club UK is the new name for the classic British Snowboarding webportal www.theboarder.co.uk ... luckily for us all, the Boarder has been replaced by this great new website which according to its blurb:

The UK has one of the most vibrant snowboard scenes in the world, which lasts all year long. Despite being a basically snowless country, us Brits can ride all year long on the UK's artificial slopes and when the winter does come, we can just nip over to Europe. Snowboard Club UK gives you the low down on getting the most from being a UK snowboarder, saves you money when you ride and keeps you up-to-date with all the news.

  TheBoarder.co.uk launched in 1997 and Snowboard Club UK launched in October 2004. Check out SCUK Membership.. a DVD such as this year's Dropstitch, a cool beanie, a copy of Snowboard UK magazine, plus free sessions at Tamworth Snowdome and the Xscapes, plus access to an increasing list of discounts from our rapidly expanding network of SCUK partners... all from just £25 a year. You do the maths, then join the Club!

  SCUK is a riders' network run by snowboarders that saves you money and brings you good things... nuff said.

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  1. Had some wicked winters snowboarding in Scotland, snowless country? England maybe. keep your plastic slopes