30 May, 2005

1st Snow

Img_0254 Yesterday I touched my first NZ snow!!

We had a drive to Wanaka yesterday and drove over the Crown Range Road which is a mountain pass between Queenstown and Wanaka.. passed into the snowline, and quite soon the 4x4 car was skidding all over the place.. lucky there was crash barriers on the sides!! stopped for pictures and threw a few snowballs at Sam as it was her 25th Birthday

Img_0262_1<<Chris, Mike and Birthday girl Sam on the pier..

Wanaka is the most beatiful town, with a slight american feel to it, with its wide streets and big spaces.. quite unlike QT. The lake there is lovely with snowcapped montains in the background..

Jez_nz_1st_snow_on_remarkables The day before yesterday we saw our first snow, when we looked out of the balcony window and the Remarkables had snow on the top.. that made us all very happy!! we were getting slightly worried that there was no snow coming to QT.. how wrong we were!!


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