25 May, 2005

25 May 2005 ;-)

Img_0036 So its finally arrived.. 25 May 2005 - My 30th Birthday...

I don't feel any older.. I don't look any older.. To be honest I don't feel any different! However I know I'm older, and the worst thing is that my twenties are finally over. oh, how I loved my twenties!! come back pleeeeeease..

I think I really should stop whining, after all I am in Queenstown,NZ on the first stage of my round the world tour..

Img_0045_1 So whats happened today? Well we have moved into our new house (full photos on flickr) the address is [UPDATE - REMOVED]

Later we are having a house warming party and then head down to Queenstown to celebrate my Birthday in true Arnold Style!! (as us Arnolds seem to do so well!!)

So what different things do I plan to change now that I am 30?
1. No More Smoking! - I have given up now since the day I got on my flights over here.. A couple of days I have really wanted a ciggarette but I have kept up to it!!
2. Get Fit & Stay Fit - With a season ahead of me, I should lose this belly of mine, but I also need to get fit & stay fit.. sit ups.. press ups.. swimming..
3. Manage my cash - Those of you who know me well, know that I am terrible with my dollars.. from now on I will manage it so much better!!
4. Keep a life journal - While I am away I am keeping a journal of my travels as well as this blog... I intend to keep this going..

There you go.. If anyone can think of anything else I should be doing now I am 30 .. drop me a line and let me know!!

Anyway off to the Warehouse to buy a bed for me to sleep in tonight!! Speak soon..


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