26 May, 2005

26 May 2005 … Hungover ;-(

So here I am sat in the Internet cafe sorting out my raging hangover after a great Birthday celebration last night..

Zena phoned me at 7ish to wish me a happy birthday which was great.. I love you!! Then I phoned Mom & Dad ..

Img_0049 After this we had a Birthday meal / House Warming party which was great fun!! A load of drinking games and followed by a night in town with Kate, Mike, Roxy, Janine (My new housemates) and Chris & Sam..

Img_0051 Started off in Surrreal, where the House Rum is only one of my favourite spirits MOUNT GAY!! Heres Mike and Chris poking me in the eye .. grrrr

After a few games of pool in another bar we decide, as town is now closed, to carry on the party back at the house.. a few beers and drunken converstaions and music played too loud means the party ends about 4 this morning.. obviously today we all have hangovers.. mines not too bad!!


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