04 May, 2005

Insure and Go Travel Insurance

Things are strating to come together, and to be honest the more they do the more worried I get!!!
I phoned up Insure and Go for a quote last week, and they gave me a quote over the phone of £485. They also told me if I did it online then it would be cheaper... checked there and sure enough it was £470.
Well last week I didnt actually have the cash to do the insurance, so I had a muffled call off them on the answerphone a couple of days later, offering me a further discount. So I phone up today and ask for this discount and sure enough, there and then a further 10% off! Its now only costing me £433 ..

Insurance was the last major thing I had to do, and now thats done I can start worrying about what T-shirts and jeans I have to leave behind... and the one thing my mum is worried about, tidying up my room !! My God, do mum's never change? my room has got to be spotless before I get on that flight in a couple of saturdays!


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