20 May, 2005

Last Day at Work

Friday 20th May.. I have been looking forward to this day since I booked my ticket to go travelling, and finally it has arrived!!

Its my LAST DAY AT WORK at West Mercia Police's Call Management Centre.. I have been employed by them for the last 9 months in the role of System Support Administrator, and my job was to "manage IT systems" .. actually did a lot of different jobs here as the Resource Planner / Performance analysts No 2, some of them I wont be sad to see the back of (Doing evidence Tapes comes to mind!! and Christmas Duties..)

So I have been working for Tin and Jolanta here and they have been great Line Managers, even if Jolanta at times expected work done SAAP!! It has been a great eye opener into the Polices role in society, and has allowed me to look at this employer in a much better light..

One thing I have realised working for the Police, is the amount of paperwork that is produced for different people and causes.. some of which I feel is not neccesary, but I think this is a Public Services thing not just the Police.

I have been lucky enough to be involved in some very interesting projects here, such as Text Messaging for the Deaf and also the introduction of an Automatic Call Distribution for the Call Takers. These projects have been great to work on ..

Anyway the Last Day.. it feels weird sat at work writing this entry, knowing I'm going in half an hour, never to return to sit as this desk.. Then I thin this time next week I will be sat in the mountains in Queenstown having a beer, with no worries at all !!

I know what I would rather be doing!

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  1. Hello mate, just wanted say hi. Everything looks amazing and I feel sick that I'm sat at my desk in sunny Devizes.
    I've had a couple of lessons and have nailed toe and heel edge @ first attempts so I'm going to carry on and save up for a another trip as it looks f'ing lush.
    Glasto next week so we'll send you some pictures!
    Take care jez