16 May, 2005

My 30th Birthday Party

so after me and zenas trip to Barcelona last week, we were back in Southampton for my final weekend before I go..

so i decided to have a party.. My 30th Birthday Party / Leaving do

Anyway Saturday morning I woke up with a fair chance of rain, no BBQ food, no Bouncy Castle.. I was thinking that it was gonna have to be a party down the pub.. 12:00 and its raining.. 12:30 still pissing down.. 13:00 Bouncy Castle bloke phones to see if we still want it, can't say just yet... 14:30 and its stopped raining and its now brightening up..

Image_070_1so off i go to Aldi to buy some BBQ food, and a bit later the Bouncy Castle is put up in Zenas back garden!

I phone Sherm and Johnie to see if they can provide some music, and Elouise provides a stereo (the one in the house mysteriously disapeared during the previous week..) and then me, zee and elouise put up the decorations.

Its all set to go!

4 o'clock and no-ones turned up, and then my buddie Chris turns up just after and gets me a folklore t-shirt from his new clothing company.. Wicked!! cheers Chris!! then Ally, Ed 'n' Paul from my uni course turn up.. then bit by bit the rest all show up!! Peggy, OJ & Mumrah.. Sy & Chrystal.. Sherm, Gesus (with new canadian- Australian accent) Matt, Si & Lucy, Little Ben, Emma & Mikee (later).. Lanners, Jimmy & Aimee.. Rich.. Jayme & Don.. Johnie & Elouise.. Kelly & Steve.. Joe, Kieran, Paul & Tim.. Dee & Her fellla..  All those who I missed, apologies for not getting you on the list!!!

I would like to say a big thanks to everybody for all the cards and pressies that turned up.. if you didn't get me a pressie, then just you showing up was great news and ensured I had a massive smile on my face all nite!!!

Anyway the BBQ and the Bouncy Castle went down a treat.. and Sherms cooking on the BBQ filled a few bellies!! mine included (not that it needs fillling in anymore!)

9 o'clock and the obligatory "Happy Birthday" and cries of speech are called out, so up to my plinth on the Castle and after a pants speech, where I forgot to mention loads of things... I have the chance to burst open the Pinyana that Si and the guys / gals from Yellowsnow have bought around.. I am given a rubber baseball bat, which fails to do a thing, so the mop comes out,and its burst everywhere!! woooooohooo!!

So a load of us go to the Cricketers, and after loads of free drinks off mates,  I head back to the party at midnight (ish) ..

Stragglers and drunkards (Jimmy and Lanners and peggy) all show up during the rest of the night and the party finally ends about 4ish..

wake up Sunday at 9!! and tidy the house and have a go on the Bouncy Castle ... again

GREAT NITE had by all...

p.s. those of you who made it.. thanks for coming around!! Those of you who couldn't make it, and let me know i will speak to you soon!! Those who don't bother reading there emails , get a grip!!

p.p.s. if you have any photos of the night, then let me have a copy please!!! i didn't take one !!!


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