21 May, 2005

My flight is today…

The day has finally come around... Saturday 21st May 2005 ...
According to my tickets I have to be at Heathrow Terminal 3 at 22:15 this evening for a flight to Singapore.. That means leaving Worcester at around 15:30 with Zena...

I have only just got up.. Its quarter past nine and I still havent packed.. what am I like!! Got to go to town and pop to the bank and Savers.. also got to go see my Grandad today.. Then its BYEEE!!

Zena asked me this morning if I was excited yet.. I'm not really.. I think I will when I get to the Airport!!

So whats happened this week?? Been a very interesting week with the launch of ACD on Wednesday at West Mercia Call Management Centre's and leaving on Friday (after shredding everyting I had ever worked on!!) .. Also went out on Thursday with my mates from home.. We went down town to O'Neills and the Exchange with Steve, Johno & Erb.. Lewy and Laura.. Lyndon, Stoner and Tam.. Phoned a few of my other Worcester mates, but they couldn't make it.. thats what happens when you leave a pii up to the alst minute with a bunch of 30 ish year olds!! requires planning!!! It was a great night out, as me Johno and Erb ended up in Bamboo on Student Night.. As usual got pissed!!and woke up with the worst hangover in ages!! rolled into work on my last day at 12:00 with cakes for everybody!

So this is my final day in Worcester for a year.. It will be sad to leave.. but its bigger and brighter things in the future for me in New Zealand, Australia & America..

Anyway the next time I write this blog I should be in a New Zealand Internet cafe!!

See you all Soon ... Keep in touch!


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