22 May, 2005

Singapore Airport Stopover


<< Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 to Singapore..

my watch on my wrist is saying 11:30 am.. the clock on the wall is saying 18:30 pm ..  I am absolutely shattered and Ive only gone half way!!

My flight to Auckland is in a few hours but I'm missing people already, especially Zena and the folks!!

Me and Zee had a bit of an emotional farewell at Heathrow.. I had a few tears in my eye coz I'm not gonna see her again for a 4 months, but this time will fly and before you know it my Snowboarding time in NZ will be up..

Anyway Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 to Singapore is amazing.. loads of free movies (watched National Treasure and Hotel Rwanda) and a book called "Johnathon Strange & Mr Norrell" get that 12 hour flight down to nothing in the end.. The food was amazing as well!!

Bit of gossip for ya.. sat next to Sam Butcher from Eastenders in the Departure lounge.. shes quite good looking in real life!! think she got upgraded to First Class coz one of the attendants recognised her!! its alright for some!!

Anyway hope everyone back in UK is well.. leave comments on the blog or email me soon!!


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