19 June, 2005

Arm Update

Img_0412 This was the first time I took my cast off and had a look at the damage below!!It doesn't look that bad because it has not yet started bruising..


Img_0414_1 If you want to see that then check this out!!

Its even worse now!!its gone all yellow!! but I have now started trying to exercise the arm a little.. got to go back to the doctor on Wednesday next week.. will let you know more then!!


  1. omy god, my little boy!!
    Just to let u no. its94.5F here

  2. Charlotte GrisleyJune 20, 2005 at 3:08 PM

    Hi Jizz!
    Bummer about your arm! Guess you can't really work either with a busted arm!
    How long till they'll let you back out on the white stuff?
    Arran and I are in sunny Guernsey at the mo - weather has been fab - been out on the boat lots. Funny to think its snowy with you.
    Will write you a newsy e-mail soon - been too long!

  3. Too much detail jay .guess what my pearls are going to be on the front page of September Arena mag. Have a big yellow jcb outside the front of the house, already they have broken the water pipe dreading coming home tommorow. Off to Wimbledon Wednesday. Looking forward to read your blog with good news hope you are better soon and back on the mountains.

  4. cumon!
    u mite have a bad arm but this blog is getting boring!
    They will have fixed the internet and mobile fones by now

  5. haha jezz, that'll teach you for tugging whilst trying to ride a snowboard.