15 June, 2005

the blog..

so here i am .. bored now with nothing to do, coz I have a broken arm!!

So that I know people are reading my blog, can some of you leave a comment? at the bottom of each entry it says "Comments", click on it and type your message.. don't worry about your email address if you don't want to put it down, but it would be great to know who has said what!!

I have had a couple - Kate L, Matt W, Sy E, Simon B.. I am sure the rest of you read it as well!! you must do, because you are here now!!

Anyway guys & gals, make me feel a little better here in NZ with my broken arm!! (luckily its not that bad!!)..

.. speak to you all soon!!


  1. this is where you put comments!! its not that difficult is it??

    see ya soon!!

  2. If I could only have one son who isn't accident prone! First Oliver in France with a broken head and now the older one, who is old enough to know better with a dodgy arm. I hope I have got this right - very complicated computer whats wrong with pigeon post?

  3. I always knew you were a clumsy bugger.
    What did I tell you about flashing,. not safe is it especially on a snowboard ?

    Still you've got another arm to practice with, the flashing that is.

    After seeing your piccies, bet you wish you'd taken up our offer of a haircut.

    You big girl!

    Honestly though, keep smiling and look after yourself.

  4. hell. comments. i can think of hundreds. bet your m8's dont know how clumsy you are jez remember u fell over at work just stood talking and next thing you on your arse. and yes i did laugh that time.
    do you need a book on board stunts sure i have some. crashed on a box!!!! stay away from the rails wont you.. heard of stabalisers(cant spell).
    bet its an excuse to not have to get your money out in the bar!!
    dont forget lean forward its all a question of balance...lol have fun m8. the beach in Durban is safer than the slopes and the weather is warmer and the beer is colder so i will give you a wave in november supose you could practise on the dunes

  5. Well u r really looking sorry for yourself, never mind think of all those books u can read. dont forget u still have two legs so u are still able to exercise. speak soon

  6. nice pic bruv, is that your scar?!?!?!?
    At least you got one under your belt, now lets hope the snow gods are kind and you dont have to fanny about on those boxes anymore


  7. Just got back from holiday and as I haven't heard from Mike thought i'd catch up on your website.

    Only got this far and am in floods of tears, can't stand it waaaahhh!!