14 June, 2005

oh dear.. guess what I have done!

Jez_broken_arm Monday 13th June 2005 – Coronet Peak -
The weekend is over and i should go into Queenstown to find work, but instead I decide to go up the mountain with Kate and Chris. Browns had a work do last nite, so the rest of my house were out on the lash and all woke with hangovers. Kates hangover is always particuarly amusing!!
So the afternoon we drive up in Chris's Telstar, and get our snowboard kit on. An email off Olie said I had a euro-stance, so I get it properly measured and adjusted... it does make a much better difference to my riding and my turns are much more controlled.
So we are just riding the M1 slope (one of two slopes open) and off to one side is the jib park. (see picture for accident spot) For those of you who don't know anything about snowboarding, the jib park is where they put all the rails so that you can slide across in style! Get it done right and it makes you feel good that you accomplished something difficult.. Anyway they have this 4' box that you can slide, and I have done it a few times before.. Kate goes first and I come in second..
Approach it real slow as I am not a 100% confident on his box as its quite sticky.. to be honest I think I'm going too slow. Get on the box and it feels fine, so i go for this trick called a nose press. This is where you lean forward and the front of the board stays on the box and your tail goes up higher (see picture)
The box is real sticky so as I get to the end I am actually off balance because I am leaning too far forward. I finish on the box and fall forward.
I land with my left arm hitting the floor first. Its straight as it touches and I hear this CRACK, and my arm flops on the wrong angle.. owwww! (actually I think it was fXXk)
Kates waiting on the side of slope as I scream, and asks “Whats up?”, “I think I have broke my arm..” “No, you haven't..” “yes i fXXking have you stupid bitch!!”... even in pain I still manage to insult her..
Anyway off Kate rides to get Ski Patrol, and then Chris comes down to see how I am. He asks if I want some pictures taken!! hahaha! “yeah! Why not?” he doesn't though, which is a shame because they would have been quite good!!
Seconds later, a ski patrol lady called Sandy shows up. Thats quick.. asks all the questions, like where does it hurt, do you want pain relief, and over her radio I hear that Kate has just got to ask Ski Patrol to get to me.. apparently Sandy was on her way to lunch and was passing when I hurt myself..
So the next thing is some more Ski Patrol show up, with the blood wagon. The blood wagon is this ski strecher with a red covering and blankets. After they have splinted and bandaged my arm they get me into this and start to get me down the mountain.. Don't forget my snowboard!!
As we are going down all I can think of is that my inurance company are gonna have to send me home, and then my whole trip will be over.. I really dont want this and I am thinking up ways of making sure it doesn't happen. All I can think of is that a broken arm means I will be only be out for 6 weeks. And I still have 11 months left of my trip...
I get to the Medical room and get put on the trolley. More diagnosis and more pain relief, shows the nurse that I have swelling around my elbow, but she can't work out if I have broken my arm or not..
This is where I discovered NZ medical care, so unlike the UK.. “How will you be paying for your treatment Jez.. Its gonna cost $25” ... out pops my flexible friend!!
Chris and Kate pop in to see how I am doing, and the nurse asks them if they will take me to Queenstown Medical Centre for an X-ray and to see a doctor. So off we go..
We are joking about it on the way down, apparently Chris was following the Ski Patrol down and then overtook them and fell over in there way!!.. but I am still worried that a broken arm means going home
Queenstown Medical Centre is quite a modern place, well used to dealing with ski injuries. They were expecting me, and quite soon I was seeing a doctor who said she should know more after an X-ray. That didn't take long, and very soon my credit card was being used to pay a further $30..
After a good look at the X-rays and no break apparent, the doctors diagnosis was that I had cracked the very bottom of my humerous bone, and there was fluid in the joint.
It wasn't broken!!! great news!!
They fit me up with a half-cast and tell me to come back in 10 days, to have it removed and another check up. The doc also prescribes some pain killers. Total cost $100 (£40)
I should be fine by the 1st July, and I will be back snowboarding and also working as well...
A terrible nights sleep last night.. and a house full of friends will look after me for the next 10 days, but I do need Zena here to care for me.. I really need somebody to help me shower!!
Concrete_peak_accident_spot Box_picture



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