26 June, 2005

Rugby NZ 2005

1st_test Over here in NZ we have Rugby Fever with the first test of the British and Irish Lions against the mighty All Blacks... with 25,000 Brits, Taffs, Jocks and Paddys over here as part of the Barmy Army you would have (thanks for the grammar update daddio!!) thought that we could have played a little better for the first test. After all we did every one of our games against the provincial teams (we lost to NZ Maori though..) but intead we get thrashed 21-3 ... heres the full BBC story and heres the British Lions write up


  1. Don't want to be bore but your English is not up to par. Sort out your "of" and "have". One would have thought not of thought!!
    Glad to see you appear to be getting better

  2. Yes yes fella,

    Nice arm!

    I went to Glasto, that was a picture of the bottom of our camp site hill, (you know the one we are usually at) the thing that picture does not show is all the porterloos and shitters just up hill from that river and health and saftly had to corden off the area due to contamination. Anyway.. I hope you are having a good time. Bugger the work fella just spend your money and get on the slopes!!!!