08 July, 2005

07 July 2005

Just realised something.. here i am in queenstown, probably as far as i can be away from London, and yesterday i was thinking how proud i am of London for getting the Olympics in 2012. I was thinking that its 7 years away and by then i will be back home in a career and preparing for my (future) kids to go and watch some athletics...
I got to work last night, and was slogging away. I was listening to the radio in the kitchen and i heard that the Underground is closed.. odd, don't normally hear that on a NZ radio station..
Londonbus070705Later on someone dashes in, and wants Sky News on NOW... thats when I first hear about it.
My first thoughts were with family and friends who I know are still living in the big smoke.. I hope they are not part of it.. (olie and toby are both fine, both saying it was a very strange day)

Then I was thinking wtf... why? why London? why anywhere? why was it not prevented?

My condolences to the families of the deceased and wounded.. may they RIP

Here are some links.. BBC <> Wiki <> Flickr <>

Some things we must take into consideration is that if anything was going to happen in London by Al-qaeda, then it would have probably happened on the tubes. The police, fire and ambo's had a huge practise run recently and it was to do with an incident on the Underground. At least we know that our emergency services dealt with this properly.

Heres what we can all do now...

Don't become scared of going outside. Don't blame or become hateful towards Muslims. Don't trust the government blindly, although do give them your support.


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