15 July, 2005

Avalanche dangers

Jez_30th_party10_1 Zena sent me some great pictures today of the 30th Birthday Party I celebrated in Southampton.. << this one here is of the Pinyana the Yellowsnow Guys got me, and my attempts to smash it open with a rubber baseball bat!! hilarious!! (More at www.flickr.com/photos/jezarnold ) Have you Southampton guys got any more?? email me if you have please!!

So I have been back snowboarding more here in Queenstown. Me, Mike, Kate and J9 went up the Remarks yesterday for some powder riding. As we got there we met up with Josh & Galena (two great American skiers) and Steve (a shit hot kiwi boarder).. They all work in Browns with Kate and J9, and Galena is a pretty damn good extreme skier. In fact she got to number 4 in the World rankings for women extreme skiers at one point.. they are off hiking, and ask if we are. As i am still getting back into this snowboarding lark, I dont really want to do the big runs just yet (later in the season) .. so we say nah

We have an excellent days riding with a few powder runs got in, but I get really tired about 3 hours in and jack back to the car to rest my weary legs, and once the others have finished we head back to the house.

Watching the news a bit later, one of the storys is "Backcountry riders beware!!" with a story about an avalanche in the Remarkables, where a Snowboarder got carried down the mountain after setting off an avalanche. Shit we think.. didnt hear about that!! we thought we saw it, but after speakin to Galena we realise that was not the one..

Josh, Galena and Steve hiked up to drop in on some great run and after Steve and Galena had been it was Joshs first run.. Dropped in and next thing he knows, he has set off this avalanche and he is being carried down the mountain on it. Two cliffs he goes over, and gets buried a few times but ends up buried to his waist. He gets digged out quick. Ski patrol close that section off for a bit and check out the dangers..

Josh is safe... Thats the main thing

He is a very good skier, but today he wasnt wearing his tranceiver, whilst the other two were. Just for future reference, i will be wearing the one Olie got for my 30th Birthday EVERY time i am riding powder on the Remarks or elsewhere. I think Josh will be too...


  1. God dont you moan we are looking at your site and reading your diary but some of us have to work and cant spens our time swaning about the world doing bugger all except getting drunk and falling over..you dont think we beleive the snowboard accident bit do you...
    loads of love and stuff
    Si and Tin

  2. Oh just thought to tell you im now a grandad Joshua Elias(south african name) was born 4 weeks ago 8pound 13oz. both doing well and im now feeling well old 54 2morrow. oh and just booked for SA in november.