09 July, 2005

Back Snowboarding

Its Saturday afternoon here in Queenstown. I am still in shock over what has happened in London. Someone at work this morning said "England should send all its foreigners home.." , I didnt know what to say!! So I proceeded to lecture her on why they have as much right to be there as we do.. blah blah! I am sure some of you have heard this rhetoric of mine before, so I aint gonna repeat it! I soon realised that I was going off on one, so I shut my gob..

It saddens me, that the death toll is rising daily. Its 50 now. Some websites are saying its the work of North African Suicide bombers.. does anyone really know this early? Why cant the news concentrate on the human angle? and how London is getting back to its feet already? its a sad fact of life, but scare stories kep viewers glued to the screens..

Anyway I shouldn't dwell on this subject too much.. you readers are here to read about whats happening on my travels, not here me rant about politics...

Img_0544 I AM BACK SNOWBOARDING!! after a 3 week break ( or is it 4 ? ? ) I went up to the Remarkables yesterday. Billed as a true Kiwi alpine resort, it looks a lot better than Coronet at first glance. Lots of free riding terrain, some hikes to some great off piste, a brilliant X-Box freestyle park and some nice wide runs! also a lot more vertical drop than Coronet.. However yeterday it was hard pack, and pretty sketchy at times! you should have seen me!! every time my board moved, when it should'nt have, I was clutching my left arm just in case I fell!! hahaha!

Anyway it was an awesome day.. not amongst my best days riding, but good to be back on the slopes already!! remember it could have been a lot worse!

Went to bed early last night, and got up early this morning for my terrible House Keeping job. God i F**kin hate this job with a passion. I just feel really down every time I go to work and do it, but the waitering/bar job really makes me happy!! weird eh? two different jobs at the same place, and such different feelings? if i get more hours waitering, or another job elsewhere I am quitting it!!

Anyway School Holidays have just started in NZ for the next two weeks, so the hotel is gonna be full of annoying kids running around without there mothers about telling them how to behave.. I have been cleaning the kids rooms (who we had in last week) on my last housekeeping shifts, and one of the little shits constantly wets the bed.. as my job is making beds, cleaning windows and generally keeping the bedrooms tidy, this particular shit is doing my head in!!

Please give me more waitering hours, so I dont have to do the housekeeping anymore!!


  1. Cos PapakyprianouJuly 12, 2005 at 5:14 PM

    Hey Buddy,

    So your off round the world are u matey??! - Kevin Mill mailed me your URL.

    Good to hear that your having a good time!! - pitty about your arm....i always knew you were a crap boarder ;-)

    You can also get me on : cos@kyprianou@demon.net

    Take care bud!!!


  2. Cos PapakyprianouJuly 12, 2005 at 5:16 PM

    oooooooopppps i meant