23 July, 2005

Better Snow and night riders

Img_0806 So I am back snowboarding as you may know, but the problems now are not my fault!!

We have hardly any snow in Queenstown!! Yes, since the Remarks and Coronet have opened NZ has 28% of the normal snow so far.. this as you can imagine, is causing the mountains to be showing a few rocks and tussocks everywhere!! its also icy and hardpack .. which aint that great to ride!

even so, I am still getting some great days out!! Thursday saw me and Mike riding up at the Remarks, which is by far the best resort in Queenstown. Sunny Blue sky days, meant the snow was slightly slushy.. but better than it has been in ages!! Friday saw me, Mike and Kate up at Coronet for the afternoon.. sessioning all the lifts and the terrain we havent managed to get to yet!! I can see now why, that if Coronet had a good dump of snow its really good!! Best days riding yet..

Oh yeah Coronet does Night riding on Friday / Saturday evenings so we stayed up to see the sun come down... beautiful

One Last thing - We are getting bloody evicted from our house!! how annoying! The house has been sold to some assholes that want us out on the 22nd August. We have asked if we can stay an extra month, but they are saying NO!! what are we gonna do?? does anyone have any friends in QT that I can possibly stay with for a month??


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