26 July, 2005

Cardrona and jobs

Trailmap_cardrona Well the Hotel I am working in is suffering the same problems that the rest of Queesntown is suffering..  lack of snow, therefore affecting visitor numbers. So in its wisdom it has decided to cut my hours this week from 40 to 0..

Which Sucks..

I questioned this with both my Restaurant Manager and the Housekeeping Manager, and they both said "Well, we can have you on call just in case.." whatever.. Anyway it allows me to go out every day this week and do what I am here to do anyway.. SNOWBOARD!!

Today I went to Cardrona, which is a resort not part of the NZSki.com package, about an hours drive towards Wanaka. It is an amazing resort, but more about that in a minute..

My Restaurant Manager realising that I have no hours this week was very kind to have a word with a friend of his who works at the garage up the road, and this morning I went to see him for an interview for some hours they have there.. I did get told that it was nights work, but I was a bit worried that I would be required to work every night of the week!! I dont think so.. So I spoke to the manager of the place, and she asked me what I am after. I told her that at first I am after weekend nights, and a possibility of extending these to more in the future (yeah right..) Anyway should hear back on Thursday

Img_0851 So Cardrona!! In one word SUPERB!! big wide motorway runs, sun shining all day long! great park and halfpipe (not that I was doing a lot there) .. and some truly great opportunities for powder riding!! Just need snow now!! Went with Roxy Steve and Nick (great Canuck skier, straight lines every run!) and just bombed up the park and all over the runs all day.. so many brilliant riders there, and they even had a comp on for kids today.. a bit of slalom and also later on some boarder cross..


  1. It does suck not working but at least you are snowboarding.
    Thinking of you - look to your gmail e mail and reply!!!!!!!!!

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