23 July, 2005

Friends networks

Friendster, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, Myspace, 43things .. does anybody join these friends networks?? stupid question really, when I am a member of four at the moment..

But why did I join?? I guess its because I am very interested in this connected world of ours. I have always tried to get into internet crazes, the so called "killer apps", early even if I never really use them to the full advantage. I joined Hotmail early on, along with a load of other free webmail accounts. I dont use my any of them anymore except for my gmail.. I joined ebay as well, but i have a user rating of 4! (even Zena has a higher user rating, and she joined years after me!! but she loves to shop...) I have listened to podcasts, and I am writing my travel journal online..

but friends networks?? the network with the most people I am connected to is Hi5, but you have a look at my friends friends and they all seem to be a lot younger.. Bebo is clever and reminds me of friends birthdays and people can put up pictures and online journal entrys.. but no-one really uses it anymore.. the last time I logged in (before a few minutes ago - its changed for the better) was before I came away. MySpace and 43things are two I have just joined. But I cant be bothered to send all my friends I have through Hi5 and Bebo, another request to join my friends network..

Apparently the best one to join is Orkut. Recently in the news because some Brazillians are using it to trade drugs online !! Its NOT the reason I want to join, its because its closely affiliated to Google, who seem to be getting most things right online at the moment. Trouble is you cant just join them. You have to be invited!!

Oh yeah, if you want to join me on my Friends networks then click on the following links for each one...  >> Hi5 - http://www.hi5.com/i?l=XNE35A8  >> Bebo - http://www.bebo.com/invite/4808936a5068489b  >> MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/22593992  >>  43things - http://www.43things.com/person/jezarnold  >> 

Also if you want a real good email account (much better than hotmail or yellowsnow email) let me know..

UPDATE 25 July 05 - Well here I was in the internet outpost the other day, just typing up my blogs and stuff, when I glanced over to what my neighbour was up to.. she was on ORKUT! she was this brazilian girl, I have never met before, but I asked her to invite me to ORKUT.. Sweet!! so if you have invites in your inbox from me for ORKUT go and check them out.. if Carlsberg designed Internet apps, then it would probably be the best in the world!!


  1. Gay Gay Gay. Stop sending me e-mails to your gay friends network websites. I am sick of reciving e-mails from just about everyone aking me to join.

    These sites are just designed to build a database of e-mail addresses they can sell on, and anyone who joins them will probably never update them after the first week of using it anyway so it is useless, also I have had some of these websites ask me for my MSN passport information which is well dodgy.

    I ain't gonna lose contact with ya so please don't send me any more invites to join these crappy websites.


    P.s. hope you are well...bummer about the house, hope you can sort something. (squatters rights perhaps???)

  2. Can you PLEASE invite me to Orkut, I really want to check out this site.

    Please - Thanks, really appreciate it.