14 July, 2005

In Case of Emergency..

Congratulations to the Met, London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade,the Security Services and all the other agencies involved in the response and rescue, and the following investigation for last Thursdays devastating attack on the nations capitals transport systems, for their outstanding work..

I salute you

Today is seven days since the attack and London is stronger than ever. Those I know in the big smoke have told me that apart from a few assholes who are being racist and discriminatory to the muslims in the UK and in other western cities, London is dealing this in the best way possible. Calmly, resolvedly and efficiently with the majortiy of people continuing there lives as usual.

I have had a read of personal experiences of survivors from the explosions, and every one has bought tears to my eye. These are normal people like you and me who have been touched by something horrible. It makes me sad to hear that its suicide bombers who have done this. I have always thought of Islam of being a great religion, but I just cant understand where within the Koran it says killing yourself and also others is a way that you can enter paradise...

The way that the Police and Ambulance service are identifying some people is through there mobile phones. East Anglia paramedics are launching a national campaign with Vodafone to store an ICE number on your phone. ICE = In Case of Emergency contact ... it would help both victims and the families easier if this is done. I am putting in my numbers now. Zena and Mum/Dad are my contacts..

Icelogo Eight out of 10 British people carry no next of kin details. Yet 80% carry a mobile phone, most of whom have it on them all the time. There is no simpler way of letting the emergency services know who to contact should you be involved in an accident than by using ICE.

Standing for In Case of Emergency, ICE will allow ambulance crews and police officers to quickly contact a nominated person who can be informed of the incident.

    • Type the acronym ICE followed by a contact name (for example, ICE - mum or ICE - David) into the address book of your mobile phone

    • Save their phone number

    • Tell your ICE contact that you have nominated them

The BBCs coverage for the London Explosions can be found here.

On a slightly diferent note Danny Way has managed to jump the Great wall of China on a skateboard. Full details here.. (very porn movie sounding website..)

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  1. Surely if you put ice then a number could it not be the number of the mobile attached to the bomb? or am I getting paranoid. Isn't that why the mobile companies have the power to cut mobiles in case a device is set off by a mobile?
    Sent to a e mial via gmail haven't heard from you for a bit. Have found an integral512mb USB 2.0flash drive - any use to me