29 July, 2005

IRA says armed campaign is over

On one hand we now have a new problem facing the world with International Islamic Terrorism causing problems in London and elsewhere, and on the other hand one of the UKs most feared Irish Terrorist groups has said that "the Armed Campaign is now over.." 

The statement made by Gerry Adams on the 28th July basically says:

  • All IRA units ordered to dump arms

  • Members ordered to pursue objectives through "exclusively peaceful means"

  • Arms to be put beyond use as quickly as possible

  • Two church witnesses to verify this

  • Statement followed "honest and forthright" consultation process

  • Strong support among IRA members for Sinn Fein's peace strategy

  • There is now an alternative way to achieve goal of united Ireland

  • "Volunteers must not engage in any other activities whatsoever"

Great News.. Lets hope this will not be like all other previous statements and end up being ignored by a few diehards, who don't want to lose there protection rackets / drugs ring / other criminal activity because of this..

UPDATE 02 Aug 05 - Demilitarisation of NI to be complete by 1st Aug 2007 with troops cut from 10k to 5k, the NI based Royal Irish Regiment disbanded and Counter Terror Laws for NI repealed.

Anyway still waiting on the Garage to get back to me about these nights I might be doing.. and Zena goes away on her travels in 4 days!! Flying to Vietnam and then on to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore before she comes out to meet me in NZ on the 13th September.. CAN'T WAIT for her to arrive here.. x x


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