04 July, 2005

Whats my job like?

Monday morning and my alarm wakes me up at 05:45.. I haven't seen that time of day for ages!!

The reason I am getting up at this godforesaken hour is because today I start my new job as a waiter/barman. Last thursday I started as a Housekeeper, more about that in a bit..

Waitering.. So whats it like? Well I have only done a morning shift so far, but it seems cool. Free meals, of course! Basically as Breakfast is always a buffet, its a bit like being there to provide any assistance and of course get other tasks done as they are needed! like cleaning... My shifts hopefully in the future will involve an early start for the morning shift, and then back in at 18:00 for the evening shift.. 10 hours per day at $12 per hour

Housekeeping.. Now this job sucks!! The people I work with are fine, but the Executive Housekeeper thinks I am there to do all kinds of hours.. I spoke to her on my second day, saying that I can't do Thursdays / Fridays as this is my weekend. I am in Queenstown after all to do some snowboarding!! She responds by saying if I dont want the job, then you may as well leave... I would have done, but I need the cash!!

Anyway I have been working as a Housekeeper for 4 days now and it gets no better. There is a time limit in NZ for cleaning and it should take one person 30 mins to do a room, and two 15 mins. So they give me and someone else 20 rooms to do (5 hours work) and we finish 30 minutes early... The Boss says well go and book off duty.. Thats your reward for getting the job done quickly = the loss of $6.00 (1/2 hrs work) ..it sucks!!

Bring back West Mercia I say!! or a lottery win (last week 2 numbers on 8 lines.. there is only 40 numbers to pick!! I am terrible..)


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