15 August, 2005

a bit of a change..

Well this is the week the house has been counting down to for 5 weeks.. our eviction!!

Yes, for those of you who didn't know we are getting evicted. why?? Some bloody English poms have bought our house as an "investment" and want us out so that they can fix the roof and then start renting it out again.. So it meant we all had to start looking for a new place to stay. The trouble is that we are all leaving at different times, so it would be awkward to get a place for us all at a decent price. Therefore the trusty Mountain Scene <<read this for a fascinating look at the newsapers history>> has been helping us out (as well as backpacker boards over town) with the Flatmates Wanted section..

We have been looking for ages, but last Thursday when the Scene came out we were on the phone chasing up offers immediately!! I went to one viewing with Mike and Kate, which was "$120/week + expenses" near town. A great house, which has a spare room for $80/week but you have to go outside the house to get to it!! I have to give John a phone call tonite, and hopefully I will have my own room for the next 4-5 weeks!! UPDATE Gave John a ring and will be moving in on Saturday afternoon!!

Mike and Kate have sorted somewhere out near Mikes work place. Janine is on the other side of town in Fernhill, and Steve is living with Gary in town.. so we are all sorted!!

A bit better than Jasper who seems to be living in the middle of the Crips territory in LA South Central .. Crack house next door to his house!! Apparently the house looks great in the day, but an night the road comes alive to the sound of "ANY YAAL WANNA BUY A WATCH MAN, CHANNEL MAN, YOU KNOW LIKE MOSCHINO, $20 MAN" ... hahahaha jokes jas.. only you could live there...

I phoned the garage up today, hoping to be able to start this weekend, but of course another problem kicks up!! They need a photocopy of my passport now. I asked them if they needed this last week, and they said no.. oh well!! at least the Hotels starting to give me more hours in the Restaurant. Every Saturday / Sunday evenings they are having a buffet, and I am needed for this before I start at the garage.. woooooohoo


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