15 August, 2005

Book Crossing

Bc_logoThose of you who know me well, will realise that I love to read.. be it newspapers, magazines, the internet or even books. My girlfriend gets annoyed with me reading, whilst others can't believe how fast I can read!! Mum and Dad are fed up with the amount of books I have at home on my shelves as well..

Well, as I am travelling at the moment I can't really afford to read too many books, so I am always looking for a bargain! The Warehouse has a cheap book section, as do some of the shops in town... There is even a library here (surprisingly I have yet to go there??)

Anyway back in January i discovered Book Crossing and now I have books that I have read, I am going to start releasing them into the wild around NZ, Oz and USA. If you are interested in letting others read your books, then I recommend this website. Its getting rave reviews on many websites, radio/TV shows and of course in newspapers/magazines!

Download Book Crossing brochure in pdf 

UPDATE going to release five books sometime in Queenstown.. Johnathon Strange and Mr Norrell >> Number 9 Dream >> Genesis 2 >> Digital Fortress >> Secret Hunters >> Keep an eye on them via the links...


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