19 August, 2005

Janines 25th Birthday

Img_1004As its the last week of living in the house, I have been going out Snowboarding a lot this week.. its also been Janines Birthday!!

Yep the lady has reached a quarter of a century old!! So we went up to Remarks yesterday for a lovely day of bluebird riding.. There is a new kicker in the top park so I was riding that mostly. Apparently I am like a preying mantis when I am in the air!!

Out last night for a meal and drinks.. a good night had by all, with food at Dux de Lux , then drinks at Dux and later Triple M.. I got wasted!!

So Friday bought Kate and Mike a VIP day up Remarks, which includes tubing and a free lesson. Mike didn't need the lesson, so I had it.. Friday also bought a bad hangover..

So me and Kate had a halfpipe lesson in the Superpipe! Charlie a French-Canadian took it and we learnt how to ride the pipe properly and also 360 spins as well! didn't mean I could do them, but now I know!!


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