03 August, 2005

nearly in Vietnam

After a phone call off Zena this morning at 5am, my lovely girlfriend is finally on her way to Vietnam to meet up with her mum.. She sounded quite cheerful on the phone when she was waiting in the departure lounge at Heathrow, normally at this point she would be cursing the person who invented airplanes!!

So I was telling my mates Chris and Sam about her trip, and Sam says "Have you ever been to Vietnam?" .. "No Why??" .. "Oh, its quite a culture shock.".. wtf??  Apparently its really manic there, but you soon get used to it. The Vietnam War museum used to be called the American War Crimes Museum.. hahaha!! until some fat yanks found it offensive!!

Anyway Zenas cat Chanel Sweetie is gonna let us know all about her trip via her very own weblog.. Zena is gonna be emailing her little beauty (who she has to leave behind with the other cats in Chewton Mendip) at chanelsweetie@gmail.com and she will be telling everyone whats going on.. Also what Cat life is like back home!! The blog can be reached at here <<http://arnold.blogs.com/chanel>> .. so leave comments or email Zena and Chanel there!!

Final News - They discovered a large planet 9 Billion miles from the sun a couple of years ago, and recently it moved again.. Scientists asked my advice on what they should call it, and I said "what else name it after my girlfriend!" .. They mispelled her name.. its affectionatly called Xena

Also went riding up Concrete Peak again today.. damn its icy!! Also rocks are showing through some places.. gonna leave this place alone for a while, and head to town tommorrow for the Parklife Invitational and Cardrona Remarks on Friday..

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  1. Hi,
    Have arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam today. This city is manic, everyone has one of these moped things and go where you want on the road with no lanes or traffic signals. Crossing the road is a nightmare, so for this first evening we seem to ended up going round the block a few times as we couldnt cross! Remember trying to cross the road in Rome, well it makes that feel like a walk in the park!

    Its pretty exciting here, we have been for a wonder and have looked in quite a few shops for having a dress and a suit made up...they are so cheap.

    Flight was also fine, I didnt cry, or scream or shout out asking them to put the breaks on. I think it just feels a lot safer on a big plane than a small one. Or maybe, without you there to embarrass I am just fine!

    Anyway, I will let Chanel know my travel news once I have been here a couple of days so that she can postit on her blog. Thanks for helping her set that one up darling.

    Ok, better go.
    Talk soon.