27 August, 2005

New haircut!!

My Restaurant Manager had a word with me last week, and said "Jez. I think your hair needs a haircut..."

I know.. its out of control!!

I have tried growing it out before, but its very wavy and bulky. It just makes me look like I have a massive uncontrollable mass. I like long hair sometimes, but the amount of effort you have to do to make it presentable is not worth the hassle! So I went into Queenstown to a decent Hairdresser for a cut...

Was not sure really what I wanted.. Zena really likes my curly bits at the back of my neck, and as I have not seen her for 3 months, I thought I had better keep them for her.. :-) so I asked for short on top and long at the back... in other words

Img_1062_1<<< MULLET!!

hahaha!! as you can see with the handlebar moustache, I now look like I have stepped out of a time machine!! Not as good as Pennys Sarah Connor-esque monstrosity (her words, not mine) at Glasto..

However before I get a lot of insulting comments or emails, I would like to point you in the direction of this website..

Img_1019 So the new house is proving an amazing place.. the views are outstanding, and I love having my own room again!! once I have sorted the pictures out, I will put some photos up, but here is the house (if you look closely you can see where my room is... the door at the bottom right!!) I climb the stairs outside to get into the house!!

Anyway I have finished my training at the Garage now.. 32 hours worth!! hahahaha.. Now i can operate a till and make coffee and sandwiches.. not for long though!!


  1. Looks great your haircut and moustache- you remind me of a younger version of Birt Reynolds - that was supposed to be a compliment.

  2. Ha ha ha, You look like some sort of 80's reject! But some how I kinda like it.