05 August, 2005

Queenstown Parklife Invitational

Img_0968Thursday 4th August saw Upper Camp St in Queenstown closed off for a street rail jam dubbed Parklife Invitational. As I was in town looking for work, I thought I would stop by and watch this kick off.. and boy was it worth it!!

Some real sick Skiers and riders were doing some amazing tricks on the down rail and the down C rail all evening from when it kicked off at 5pm right through to close at 10pm.. I was there for the whole event (less the last 20mins.. I was just too cold by then) and some of the kids were kicking ass!! The Wells boys (both skiers) were doing some great tricks all evening, with 270 on to 180 off slides ... sweet!! Anyway I really wanted to take some photos, but my cameras action mode needs to be looked at closer!! The photos I did take are here.. a quick look on the tinternet found this Natives Link Board the World Link


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