09 August, 2005

SNOW at last!!

Img_0972_1 Went up to the Remarks yesterday with Roxy to bomb about the slopes and we were talking about some more snow turning up.. Had an OK day, but the snow cover is getting less and less...

So last night and we are in watching TV and its raining cats and dogs.. that combined with the freezing air temperature meant that it should be snow.

We had no idea that about a foot of snow would fall up the Remarks!! I eventually wake up (I am lame I know..) and start to hitch. Eventually get picked up and get to the bottom of the mountain, get the bus up the hill and am smiling to myself all the way because there is snow all the way where there used to  be mud and rocks!!

So my first lift is up Shadow chair, which leads to all the best black runs and I decide not to hike to the chutes.. instead do the tracked out runs.. meet up with some friends later and we do one of the highlights of the Remarks "Homeward Bound".. this is a huge bowl, with loads of powder and it was sooo much fun!! After getting picked up by the bus we then go and do some chutes.. This involves a 100m vertical climb but leads to some amazing runs. Did this brilliant run between some cliffs and had a huge grin for ages.. that is until I run into some rocks and scratch the botom of the board!! oh well, its not as bad as one of the lads i was riding with who totally smashed up the front of his board when he ran straight into a rock.. thats what is not known as a write off!!

Other news - The garage phoned me up and offered me some work!! It means I have 3 nights (Friday / Saturday / Sunday) making sandwiches and cleaning the place up!! But it pays well.. $14/hr!! Just got to wait for a Security check (???) and then some work starts next week!! That combined with the Hotel means quite a bit of money coming my way!!


  1. Nice tash......

  2. Looks like its getting better.
    Is CH blind or something? B****y awful tash!

  3. Dye it blonde!

    Wicked you finally got some snow! Fresh powder makes it all worth while.

  4. I am pretty jealous! I have to wait till at least December to get back on the mountain.