31 August, 2005

Zena in Thailand

After her mum flew home yesterday back to good old Blighty, Zena is now in Thailand and travelling down to Koh Pha Nagn for some relaxation time before she comes over to see me in 2 weeks.. yes people 2 WEEKS!!

Where has all this time gone? I can't believe tommorrow is the 1st of September and I have now been away for just over 3 months! Its been amazing here in NZ, having met some great people, and also doing some great snowboarding!

I am gonna give a big email out in a few days to all you guys & gals who read the blog, and also when i have finished my round the world tour of NZ, I will give you a suberb read and recommendations if you ever decide to come over here for a trip..

But for now i just can't wait for my beautiful amazing girlfriend to arrive here!!


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