02 August, 2005

Zenas off on her travels

Img_0022 So I have been away for just over two months now, sort of settled in Queenstown. I have a house (for another three weeks), a job (that gives me very little hours) and a snowboard (Season Pass to one resort thats great aka the Remarks, and one resort thats v.icy aka Concrete Peak!)

I also have a Girlfriend who is on her way to see me!!

Yes, in a litle over 12 hours Zena gets going on her travels around South East Asia for the next 6 weeks before she arives in NZ..

I haven't seen her itinery yet.. but i do know the following -

  • Leaves LHR Tuesday 4th August for a long flight via Singapore to Vietnam

  • Meets up with Mom for a month travelling around Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand

  • A couple of weeks travelling around Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore on her lonesome

  • Flight from Singapore via Auckland before she meets up with me in Queenstown NZ on Thursday 15th Sept (just after our two year anniversary!!)

After that we are renting a campervan for somewhere to live for 2 weeks.. We will be staying around Queenstown for some time, followed by a tour of both Islands, finally getting to Auckland for our flight to Sydney on the 1st October.


Anyway if you want to email Zena and wish her luck, then click this link!! or leave a comment ...

In other news, I might have a house sorted.. We have hooked up with an old friend from Uni Gary Pickburn, and he has been over in NZ for a couple of years now doing Snowboard Instruction up at the Remarks... His place is in town, and a couple of his housemates are moving out. So me and Steve are gonna move in at a cost of $75 per week and a $75 bond.. Sweet!! Also phoned back the Garage today. She is STILL waiting to speak to a member of Staff about her nights, but she said she has remembered me!! I NEED THESE HOURS!!

Anyway more news soon!!


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