03 September, 2005

Chris’s 27th Birthday

Img_1072I know Chris through Kate. She worked with him, when he was a Boat Mechanic in Southampton. A sound guy who is travelling with Sam, his Portsmouth Girlfriend..

On Thursday Chris celebrated his 27th Birthday..and in style, we tried to stay out till dawn. This is no easy task in Queenstown, as its quite an expensive night out! So we started the night at there house drinking cheap stubbies for a little while!!

Once we had sung Happy Birthday, and eaten cake, we all headed to Buffaloes in town.. Great Travellers bar, a little hectic but where Chris spends a small proportion of his wages!! After here Triple M, great for cheap bar if litle else!! This place closed at 1 so we headed to Chicos fo some party atmosphere.

Img_1080<<< By now everyone was a little drunk...

But when this place closed at 3ish, we were left without anywhere to go. except Tardis. I haven't been to this place since I got here, but it does have a reputation of being a hip joint fo all the snowboarders in town..

I don't know why.. Its really dark, and this place pretty much killed the night.. putting an end to our dream of drinking till dawn!!

Good job really.. the next day  had the worst hangover!!


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