21 September, 2005

Last day Snowboarding up the Remarks

Img_1277<< My last run down the Remarks..

So Monday bought a huge storm into Queenstown and snow actually settled on the streets (about an inch) .. Wow!! Thats the first snow seen in Queenstown all season!!

So me and Zena were on for a day up the Remarks on Tuesday... Got a lift to the base by John, and then hitched up with this UK guy over on holiday. Asked him if he had chains.. "Yeah of course"

So halfway up I say that I think this is a good place to get them on.. He pulls over, gets the chains out of the boot and they look like something for a horse and cart!! Hahaha!! We try to get them on, but no hope.. So we turn around to hire some chains.. Get there and they are too expensive, so we drive to the bottom to get the bus up!!

Img_1307Anyway the weather is attrocious, and after one run down the Alta slope with Zena we decide to head in for a hot drink.. In the afternoon John and Ellie get up the hill, and with Zena off on her lesson, we go up the hill.. The promised 35cm of powder, is all hidden against rocks but its still a great day. On my final run I get John to take some pictures of me on the hill..

So I go down to see Zena and she is progressing loads!! Linked turns from toe edge to heel edge, on the bottom slopes all the way.. Wow!! I am sooo impressed!


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