11 September, 2005

No more work in Queenstown!!

Yes.. Its true!! I am now unemployed in Queenstown! I have quit my jobs at both the Hotel and the Garage... I knew that I would be jacking it all in anyway (and all of you did too.. ) But to be able to get jobs in this town, that are not related to winter sports, it was near to impossible to get a job without committing yourself to be in Queenstown for longer than 6 months.

So everyone I was speaking to about work, it was "Yes. I am in town till at LEAST January, not sure whats happening after that but may go to Auckland"... if only they knew better!!

Anyway with no work to do, I am gonna get some snowboarding in before Zena gets here on Thursday!! I have only 100 hours till I see her again!! woooohoo


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