19 September, 2005

NZ Plans

Img_1254 << Zena and Dog.

Anyway here are our plans for the rest of our time in NZ

Tues 20th & Weds 21st Sept - Snowboarding.. might as well while we have some more snow!!

Thurs 22nd Sept - Bus to Christchurch..

Fri 23rd Sept - Pick up a 2berth Campervan at Christchurch!! Relocation special to Auckland Airport at a dollar a day!! obviously you pay for your own fuel, but it works out real cheap!!

Sat 24th Sept - Visit Fox Glacier

Sun 25th Sept - Ferry Journey from Picton to Wellington and carry on driving up to Lake Taupo.

Mon 26th Sept - Visit Rotorua and return van.

Tues 27th to Fri 30th Sept - Auckland and also Bay of Islands

Sat 1st October - Fly to Sydney!!

Anyway will keep you updated on the way with a few more pictures as well on my photo site..

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  1. Oi WAR where the fuks my link to lanners lounge??!!!! hows your handle bars?? you joined the YMCA yet!! www.LannersLounge.co.uk