08 September, 2005

Ohau trip..

Img_1185_1 Wednesday afternnon saw our Queenstown crew (minus a few) head out to Ohau for a night in the lodge and a days riding on the third hill of our NZSki lift pass. Mount Ohau .

Well we would have gone riding if they opened it up for us. Yes, unfortunately this years poor snow levels in NZ have meant that Ohau was closed for us, but should open up for the weekend crowds. Ohau is not the only one to have problems.

The duty rumour that was going round Queenstown for a few weeks was that Coronet Peak will be closing one of its lifts early. However after hearing it direct from employees of the hill, Coronet is closing on Sunday for the rest of the season!! EVERYTHING!! Oh dear..

Well anyway the Remakables are still open, but for how long?? The base is only 55-80cm now..

What can you do eh?? Anyway back to Ohau...

After a night of fun in the lodge, where we all went to the beach for a bonfire and a few beers before the rain called a stop to that..  We were determined not to come away doing nothing on Thursday, so we set off for a 4km walk in the hills nearby.. A beautiful walk was only interupted by one thing.. a river crossing!!

Img_1183All of us (6 boys and 5 girls) had no choice but to find a spot to cross without getting too wet!! Surprisingly nobody did!! we did get a few wet socks though..

Anyway back via the beach and then head back to the cars. The boys decide to head cross country to get back quicker.. via the swap of death, we discover the easiest route to get back is up the creek. This involves about 6 more river crossings for us.. lots of fun though!!


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