26 September, 2005

State Highway 1

Have finally arrived in Auckland after travelling the entire route of State Highway 1 from Wellington to Auckland!! Yes, without veering off this road at all, me and Zee drove approx 600 kms in 8 hours (over two days). This after driving for 14 hours on the South Island.

As you can imagine we are shatterred...

Stayed the night in Turnagi last night, and this place seemed like a ghost town. Went to find a phone at 9pm and it was deserted... finally found one shop open, and the guy was saying that people think he should close early.. he wasn't wrong

Staying in a lovely hostel in Auckland right now, City Garden Lodge which according to BBH is rated at 81%!!  Its an amazing old wooden panelled villa with a massive staircase leading to big bedrooms. This house used to be owned by the Queen of Tonga, and we have her old room! At least its fit for the princess warrior.. Zenas even happier because they supply hot water bottles... 

Its a beautiful place, situated in the heart of Parnell which is a lovely suburb real close to the city centre that has a lovely restaurant scene. Haven't actually managed to go into town just yet, thats for tommorrow...

Anyway me and Zee have now changed our flights to Sydney. Instead of flying out Saturday we now leave Thursday.. This is so we can see Zenas Aunty and Uncle before they fly to Shangai for a holiday!!


  1. You certainly are getting around alot. dont ring me until you get to Sidney. Love reading about your travels lots of love and kisses to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Sounds amazing the places you are seeing. Just thinking about going to South Africa for a holiday shoulsd it be Sydney in the New Year? keep in touch xxxxxxx