19 September, 2005

Up the Gondola..

Img_1236 I took Zena up to the Remarks on Friday, so she could relearn her snowboarding skills.. and was I impressed!! Andorra was really good, but Zena learnt in 2 lessons what it took her a week in Andorra to sort of get to grips with.

Yes.. She is linking turns now! Ok, its on the easy slopes but toe to heel and back all the way to the bottom is bloody impressive!! It was great news!!

Thats the basics of snowboarding all completed.. now its all progression to bigger and better things!! roll on USA/Canada for our next trip!!

Went out Friday night with Kate & Mike, Gary & Anna, Janine and also Steve & Nicki. Went to this very tasty Thai restauarant. Zee was NOT looking forward to Thai food, she was tempted to ask the waitress for some chips! Great night out though.. Went to the pub after for some a few games of pool and some beers..

Saturday saw us staying in and watching pirate, I mean copies of DVDs incluing the the early episodes of Lost!!

Sunday saw us take a walk into town and then went up the Gondola to Skyline. This place has great views of Queenstown, and so we took loads of photos! Also they have a go-kart type luge tup there, so we had a quick go on that! loads of fun, especially was we did the adventurous run! Zee was screaming like a little girl..

Today is Monday and its snowing!! Yes, just before I am about to leave Queenstown we get a snow storm come through and its now actually snowing in town itself! No going up the hill till today though.. can't be bothered with the cold and wind...

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  1. You into Lost then?
    I know what happended! There are all dreaming. The plane hits turbulence and the oxygen masks come down and every body says OOOOOH MYYYYYY GAAAAD were going to die and their life flashes before them (and their future too)
    The doc isn't really a doc he's a famous doctor's no good son.
    Locke is paralised and thinks he is ex special forces.
    The korean couple are both running from her dad (but perhaps they don't know both are? (good eh/))
    The redneck is actually a good guy as is sayid (you have to have him in otherwise you won't sell the series to the middle east)
    The fat man - he doesn't sweat or get tired does he. Surely a case of a thin man in the wrong body.
    The junkie really wants to give up but can't in real life but he can in a dream.
    Want any more convincing?