15 September, 2005

Zena arrives…

Img_1191 Thursday 15th September.. I have been waiting for this day since I left for NZ just short of 4 months ago.

This is the day that Zena arrives over here in NZ!!

Well, of course I was awake at 7 this morning, but lying in bed for ages coz I don't need to get up yet. Then its all about tidying up, so the place is neat for Zena to see.. then time to chill watching morning TV.

Thats until Zee phones just after 11 saying that she has got an earlier flight and will be in Queenstown at 12:30 instead of 15:15!! Damn, I still have to get ready myself!!

Anyway arrive at the airport with half an hour to spare, see that Zenas flight gets in at 12:32, enough time to read the paper and have a cup of coffee.. All ready to see Zee walk through the door. Anyway get a text off Zee saying "At the Airport. Where are you?" Look around to see my tanned girlfriend hanging about.... Hahahaha!! I was waiting for the wrong flight to come through the door!

Anyway we have just headed into town to have a nose.. The tache has now been shaved off!! Zena has some cold weather boots (Timberlands) that are giving her blisters... so we are shuffling about everywhere!!

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  1. I hope you are looking after Zena and doing what you are told!
    Give her our love and hang on to her you have a soulmate there.
    I know you have better things to do at present but this blog is drying up, it gets boring reading the same things over and over again