30 October, 2005


Jez__071Sydneys most famous beach is Bondi. Its one of the few beaches in the southern part of Sydney and very popular with tourists, especially travellers. Its also a place to be seen with all the hip, young, trendy crowd in Sydney.

I don't know why though, coz its not as nice as some of the other beaches, especially those on the Northern shores.

Anyway me and Zena decided to head down on Saturday. We didn't get there till after 2, because we had another house viewing in Manly and also an introduction into what can happen when the transport system in Sydney has a minor fault...

We had a message off the people that lived in the real nice flat last week. They had decided to go with the guy from Worcester in the end. It pissed us off, but we just got back into looking for somewhere else to live. We had been making phone calls anyway, but mostly when they found out we were a couple, it was "Oh no.. we want two girls, not a couple".. Why advertise for a couple then? We did have one viewing though, and that was from this girl called Daniella. She hadn't actually moved in, but a text on Friday said we could come and have a look around Saturday morning.

Anyway we went around, and it was lovely!! Two bedrooms, a kitchen/lounge with wooden floors, and a bathroom. Daniellas room had the best views over 5 beaches, and we were right next to the sea. A 5 minute walk to two different beaches, or Manly Wharf or even the shops. Its a perfect location!! She had a few people coming around, but said she would get back to us later that day. So off we headed to Bondi with our fingers crossed..

After a nightmare journey with three different buses, and a train, we finally arrived at Bondi. It was dead cool down there though, with a huge seafront, with loads of shops, and the most perfect sand ever!! The waves there were in force, full of surfrats... So we got down to what Zena does best.. Sunbathing!!

Anyway the cloud started to come in, so we decided to go for a wander. Discovered some amazing graffiti, and a concrete skate park. We then met up with someone Zena met travelling in Thailand, this French lad called Fabien. He was with his buddy Chris, and we went for some beers and some food.

That was when Daniella called and she let us know that it was us that she wanted to live with for the next 5 months!! WooooooHoo!! A house was sorted, and a top one at that!!

Great news!! We move in next Saturday..

Bad news also.. Zena had her purse and phone stolen off her during the week, while she was at work in Parramatta. She was NOT a happy bunny that day, I can tell you... Anyway the worst thing was that the purse meant so much to her as it was a designer one that her Mum had got her for a graduation pressie. Also losing everyones phone numbers is a right pain.. send her an email with your contact details please!!

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  1. glad to hear that everything is working out for you two, sounds great! Will send you an email, whats you best address? Also still got that cd, where can I send it to???

    Take care