27 October, 2005

Creepy crawlies

Jez__046_7I am loving Australia right now!! I'm not too sure why, I think its because of the hot weather we are having..

I know its not the creepy crawlies.

We are living in a suburb called French's Forest at the moment and whilst Gail and Roger are away in the UK, we are looking after there house! Its a great place with some amazing views over a reserve and the Blue mountains!! When the sun sets, its such a great view! While we are there I have to look after the chickens, which is fun!

We have 8 chick-chicks (as Zena says) and a cock (hehehe.. but its true) .. Basically I have to open the henhouse every morning, collect the eggs, shovel their shit into a bin and every few days change their water.. I also have to feed them some seeds everyday and also we save our vegi waste and chuck that to them every so often.. Then at sunset, I have to make sure they are all tucked up in bed!! Its pretty cool.. but me and Zee are sick to death of eggs!! We have made as many dishes as you possibly can.. cakes, pavlovas, egg fried rice, egg salads and no end of different types of ommelettes..

Anyway back to the creepy crawlies.. As you can see from the piccy above, this was no small spider. Its a massive thing called a Huntsman. Normally I would not have gone anywhere near it, bit it was in OUR bedroom waiting for us!! Luckily its not poisonous, its the little ones that kill you off!!

We also had a close call with a rattle snake the other week.. well we think it was!! We didnt actually see it. There we were watching TV, when we heard this real strange rattling sound, from behind the sofa. I grabbed a torch and a broomstick, and I gave Zee this massive knife! and we went searching.. So after about 15minutes looking for something, we finally decided that it must have been outside the house...

Its fun and games over here!!


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