02 October, 2005

Hello Australia!

After me and Zee changed our flights to arrive in Sydney on Thursday afternoon instead of Saturday, its great to finally be here!!

Arrived to a few clouds, but since then the sky has been sooo blue! Its amazing in Sydney.. a massive city which brings a new meaning to the word suburb.. Trees, bungalows and nature reserves everywhere!

We are staying with Zenas Aunty Gail and Uncle Roger until we get jobs and a house sorted which is real kind of them. We are also looking after there house while they go off to China and Uk for a month.. Looking after the house also invloves looking after 9 chickens, which is my job!!

Have had a nose around Manly and also the shopping malls at Waringah and Chatswood. We also popped into Addecco, looking for work and I nearly thought I was lined up for a $46,000 IT job within ours of arriving. I could still get it, but they want a permanent work visa for it.. oh well!

The cost of living in Oz is much cheaper than NZ, better wages and everything is much cheaper here than UK.. I love the place already!!

Zena also broke her Uncles car, and I broke the PC.. But the car has a problem from old, and I fixed the computer!! And I fed the chickens wrong... ooops!! They are OK though..


  1. Jez breaking a computer jesus that's a first, what you do breath on it!

    Only jokin, glad to hear you are having a good time in Oz, I really wanna go there/live there so I will be reading the blog intensly.

    Have fun!

  2. U have to send e mails to work I can't remember my password!
    Just to let u no, thinking of a new car Black 4 door MGZS (110bhp)1300 miles only