09 October, 2005

Home and Away

The cars fixed at last!! The recovery man originally dropped it off outside the house, but every time we wanted a towtruck to take it to the garage a car would be parked in fornt of it. So in the end a Locksmith fixed it at the side of the road..

Anyway now the car is back to usual, we decided to get out of the house for a few hours. After all I have spent bloody ages on the old interweb looking for jobs and getting my CV with some agencys. Unfortunately I can only work a maximum of three months with any one employer, unlike NZ where they didn't really care! So I am after IT or Office Support work whilst I am here.

So our trip out this afternoon.. we decided to head up to Palm Beach AKA Summer Bay!! Yes, we were on the set of "Home and Away".. it was amazing!! We posed about pretending we were stars! hahahaha.. they even have the Summer Bay Surf Life Saving club there.. oh it was heaven!! I dont have any pictures coz I left my Phone and Camera charger in NZ (like an idiot), and they are in the post over to me...

Unfortunately they were not filming... I wanted a walk on extra part, but they do film on Tuesdays. If no work comes off soon, I may pop up there again!

Next stop is to see Skippy the Kangaroo...


  1. Settling in then? good.
    booking for South Africa at the moment Middle november to first week december back home for christmas then spain for the new year (booked) Bought the car and have arranged my appearance at the bankruptcy court!!
    Would love to come to oz about february time but will not be able to afford it.
    Typical of you to leave your phone behind thats probably y your mom couldn't get through on sunday.
    Why have a walk on part put on your best english accent they may let become the new kylie!! (shurley shome mischtake there)
    Look after yourself love to zena

  2. Since when have you ever cared about "home and Away"?

    Anyway sounds like things are on the up now you are mobile.