14 October, 2005

Interviews and Jobs

After a week of slacking, me and Zena finally decided to spend this week looking for work. Last weekend was spent online looking at recruitment agencies and job websites in Sydney. I also spent some time looking in the Newspapers, but because of the Working Holiday Visa you can only get temporary 3 month contracts.

So once I had my CV and covering letter updated again, and checked by the Recruitment Goddess herself, I then sent it out to over 20 agencies and jobs. Monday and Tuesday were spent following up these applications by phoning everyone up. And I ended up with 4 interviews on Wednesday.

Wednesday came and it bought the first rainfall I have seen in Sydney. Not a good omen, I thought. Had one interview in North Sydney and the other three in town itself. They all went fine.

Agency One said they would look around the Northern Suburbs and beaches for me - Great!! Agency Two said there is a possibility of an IT Security Sales role, for three months coming up - That sounds good!! Agency Three gets me more money in my paypocket, by claiming I am living away from home, also provisionally offered me a two week contract about 1/2 hour walk from where we are living - Superb!! Agency Four said they will keep a look out for me - lovely!!

Thursday bought a phonecall and an offer of employment for two weeks as a receptionist / IT for a local financial software house. $18 per hour, 8-5 everyday.. nice little starter job here in Sydney!!

Oh yeah and my phone and camera charger turned up this week as well, so I have a phone again!! Look out for some nice Sydney photos coming up soon...

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  1. hello bruv,

    Good to see you already have work, wouldnt want to think you were slacking off or anything!
    All is well here and had a good , but boozy birthday. Thanks again for my pressies - perfect hangover cure!
    Have that cd for you, shall I send it to the Grace Avenue address?? Let me know and I will bung it in the post